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In 1998, Jiang Linghui, chairman of the board of directors, opened a small workshop of 60 square meters. In 2000, with the national sentiment of "being Chinese's own water separator", the company opened a professional road of deep cultivation in the field of heating, and successfully obtained the appearance patent of China's first water separator. As of April 2018, Xinfan has obtained 41 patent technologies and become a modern company integrating design, development and sales in the field of heating.

Xinfan takes the lead in the heating industry: introducing international advanced Pro / Engineer professional design software for product design; using high-efficiency precision machining machine tools; establishing a strict and complete product management system, obtaining ISO quality management system, creating a complete and strict testing mechanism, and obtaining CE, Rosh and other international certification systems. It has won the honorary titles of "Zhejiang science and technology enterprise", "Zhejiang floor heating system research and development center", "Zhejiang famous trademark", "national high and new technology enterprise", "Gazelle enterprise", "provincial and municipal high and new technology enterprise research and development center", "Zhejiang Science and technology enterprise". The safe ground heating protection water circulation intelligent water mixing system was successfully selected as the key technological innovation project of Taizhou in 2018. 80% of the products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Russia, etc. In 2008, it successfully joined the Geothermal Engineering Project of Beijing Olympic Games; many of the top ten large-scale real estate companies chose Xinfan brand series products for their key hardbound and luxury decoration projects.

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